Try the Zsex pillow for 100 days and let your body decide.

Our rules are simple. If you don't like it, we refund it!

100 Night Trial - Faq
If you’re not completely satisfied within 100 nights of sleeping on your new Zsex pillow, you may return it for any reason. You are also entitled to a full refund.
Great things take time! To be eligible for return, you must have been sleeping on your Zsex pillow for a minimum of 14 nights. It can take any time between 2-4 weeks for your body to adjust to any pillow. If you are not completely satisfied after this trial period, contact us within 100 nights of purchase to initiate a return.
We never resell a used pillow! Your original pillow will likely be donated to charity to help those in need.
We work hard to make the returns process as seamless as possible by providing free returns USA-wide. Once you contact us, we will provide you with a pre-paid postal label. Just attach the pre-paid label to the box and pop the pillow in the post back to us. Once posted, just email us a photo of the lodgment receipt so we can monitor the tracking, we will then process your refund once the parcel reaches our charity partner.
Please note that, in all cases, the original receipt showing proof of purchase is required.
Any pillow that has mould, dirt, stains, smells, or bed bug infestations resulting from poor pillow care are no longer eligible for a pillow return nor replacement.
This policy is limited to one (1) return of maximum two (2) pillows to be returned or exchanged per household. All returns are only applicable to a customer's first order. Please contact us directly in no later than 100 nights after the delivery of your pillow(s).
In the case of an exchange, you’ll be responsible only for any difference in pricing. We will cover any additional shipping expenses.

How does the 100-Night Trial work?

Sleep on your Zsex Pillow (we recommend giving them a go for at least 2 weeks).
If you want to return, contact our customer service team within 100 nights, and we will provide you with a pre-paid postal label.
Print the postal label and drop off the pillow to the nearest FedEx drop off location.Your pillow will be sent to your nearest Salvation Army charity.
We'll process your refund while your pillow finds a new (non-landfill) home.

Our Return Process

Returned pillows will be donated to charity.

Contact us
We will organise a free pick up
100% Full Refund(No cost at all)


What is the return process?

If for any reason you are not happy with the Zsex, just email us to let us know and we will arrange to have the pillow collected by the Salvation Army to be donated to families in need. Once the pillow has been collected you will be issued with a full refund.

Do I need to keep any of the boxes?

There is no need to keep the boxes or packaging, if a return is required the charity will collect the pillow as long as it is in clean condition with no rips, tears or stains.

What happens to my returned products?

Zsex will arrange to have the pillow collected by the Salvation Army to help families in need.

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